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the new first family


This is our new mayor, Bill de Blasio. He lives 3 blocks away and has 2 kids and is the 1st democratic mayor in over 20 years. I’m excited. I know a lot of people dislike Mayor Mike but I think they forget that even though he has a reputation as an overbearing nanny he is also pro same sex marriage and pro choice because he doesn’t think its the governments business. This year was the 10th anniversary of the smoking ban, probably the most amazing thing to happen to New Yorkers in a really long time.

Bill de Blasio isn’t perfect and i’m sure a lot of what he promised is easier said than done but at least he attempted to speak Spanish at his victory speech. I am seriously going to miss el bloombito.

Now if only someone would do something about funding universal pre-k by 2017 they’ll have me for life.

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saturday in the park with eva
















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seven months of rory

Rory turned 7 months old today.  It has been a loooooong time but I think I am remembering what its like to be a person that is not pregnant or mothering a newborn.

This is good news for Novemblaaaagh because I have so many cute pictures of Rory! and Asher is loving pre-k! and so many other things!

Rory is the sweetest gal in all the land. She has an awesome life and so many things to be happy about so she is just HAPPY all the time.


Rory loves her dad


loooooooooves her dad!


Rory loves her mom!


Rory loves her kitty


Rory really loves hair, especially Matthews


Rory loves sitting up and hates laying down


Rory loves food. Everything she’s tried so far…squash, pear, apple, broccoli, chicken, carrots, green beans, sweet potato, but especially bananas

Rory really loves to feed herself



Rory loves her brother





She also really loves hanging out on Asher’s bed when I put away laundry.


Or sometimes in her crib

Basically, Rory just loves to chill

rory7mos7     rory7mos2 rory7mos1

So happy!

Love you Rory, I’m so happy we make you so happy.

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natalie jean’s pumpkin chocolate chip cookies


I know I said I don’t like pumpkin and really I don’t love it, but these cookies looked really good and I just wanted to try them. They are really good! I made them again today and feel like I really mastered them this time.

Definitely cake-like as the recipe indicates, and they are addicting.

2 eggs
3/4 cups canola oil
1/4 cup molasses
2 cups sugar
1 can of pumpkin (about a cup and a half)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla


3 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon*
1 1/2 tsp nutmeg*
(*alternatively  you could use 1T pumpkin pie spice)
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
as many chocolate chips as you need, spiritually. (I use 1.5cups)


Mix wet and dry ingredients until smooth, then drop by the spoonful onto your cookie sheet using a scoop or large spoon – we like them on the small side best. Bake at 400 degrees F for 10-12 minutes, or until the middle of the cookie feels firm to the touch.

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a paleontologist and a dinosaur


As Asher will tell you, he is very “instrasted” in dinosaurs these days. He knows the name and characteristics of about 25 dinosaurs and he especially loves fossils. When I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he said a chef, and since we already had the chefs jacket I was pretty much ok with that. Then he started talking to me about dinosaurs again and I said maybe you should be something that has to do with dinosaurs?

He said “I know! I’ll be a paleontologist!”

At first he was going to be Dino Dan but before I bought a yellow sweatshirt he changed his mind to “just a regular paleontologist” so I bought him this vest and tools and a cheapo safari hat and done, done, done. They are part of some outdoor adventure dress up clothes situation and he is obsessed with clipping and unclipping all the tools onto the vest and putting his fakey t-rex tooth (daddy’s work trip surprise) and fakey ammonite fossil (daddy’s next work trip surprise) into the pockets.


I knew Rory would be in the carrier or the stroller so I didn’t want to make a fuss. I found a secondhand dinosaur or maybe dragon costume – which is really just a fleece – and here she is, nailing it.


That was pretty much it. Got home from school, ate a quesadilla and we left. Off to Ben’s house because Ben lives on a Halloween block. When we got there some friends were already there so we trick or treated with them, then more friends came and we trick or treated again.





I have to say both sides of an entire city block is just about the perfect amount of trick or treating for a little kid. Most people on the block were dressed up and hanging out in front of their houses and since Ben and our old friend Caroline live there it was nice to see people we knew and all of their neighbors.



We walked around for about an hour then I had to head home with Rory right around the time the parade was about to begin. Everyone was kind of doing their own thing so Asher and Matthew decided to go up to Rainer’s house (approx a 15 block walk) because the parade passes right by and he wanted to watch it with her.


Last year the parade was cancelled because of the hurricane so it was amazing to have it back.




The pics don’t do it justice, its a great parade!

The nice part is its only about an hour long so it’s over by 7:30 and after a hamburger and a bath Asher was in bed by 8:30, not too shabby. I was a little worried that people would ring the bell and wake the kids so Asher drew a jack-o-lantern and Matthew put this on the door.


(shhh, we never actually bought any candy)

My favorite part of the day was probably explaining to Asher what each candy was before he ate it since besides m&ms, raisinettes and maybe the odd reese’s he’s never really had candy before. I told him he could eat as much as he wanted and he was so busy he only ate 4 little things so he’s been enjoying a piece every day. Today he had his first twizzler. He’s cute. I’m pretty sure he forgot about it which is nice because his haul is much better this year.

My other favorite part of the day was passing these folks on their stoop on the way to the parade. They were wearing really weird, spooky exaggerated human like masks just chit chatting away. Asher and Rosie went up to trick or treat and Asher backed away slowly with his candy but Rosie asked what they were supposed to be and they said “We’re just regular people.”  I started laughing and Rosie GRILLED them and made them take off their masks to see.


Love that kid.


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Do I dare try?


Rory is skeptical.

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is this thing on

not sure if its sending email alerts to subscribers because I didn’t receive one so im testing it out. if you get this in an email let me know.

Rory says “Get it together blog!”

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so whats new

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brooklyn museum with charlie

We were so lucky that Matthew only had to work a few days during Christmas break. After being stuck in the house for so long I was eager to get Asher out for some fun so I arranged a playdate with Charlie on a day Matthew wasn’t around. We threw around a few ideas then settled on walking to the Brooklyn Museum.

The walk alone is part of the fun and the 2 boys scooted the whole way there, stopping for a break at the “snack house” which is what Asher calls the gazebo at the top of the park, a place he frequented with Jackie. Asher has been to tons of museums all over the country but they are usually kid centric, this was his first time at an actual art museum and I really didn’t know what to expect.


We explained the rules when we got there and all the “no touching, no running, no shouting” we repeated was completely worth it. We did the usual thing we do on these kinds of adventures. See some sights, have some snacks, see more sights. They wanted to go to every floor and asked tons of questions.

If I saw something I thought he’d like I would just stop and say something like “hey Asher, what do you see in the picture” or even “How many boats are in the painting” and it made him stop for a second and actually look at it.

The museum is very cool and has a mix of long standing exhibits and some touring pieces.

They really wanted to touch these hands! Every time we went to a new exhibit we would remind them of the rules and AHHH they were just so well behaved for a couple of 3 year old boys. Please don’t underestimate your kids!

Plus the dancing. The dancing!


African Dancing from bhkart on Vimeo.

a very old table from bhkart on Vimeo.

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