the truck factory

April 30th, 2012

Asher and I have been spending A-L-O-T of quality time together lately. Matthew’s been working like crazy, we haven’t seen him in 8 days. He finally has off tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I’m anticipating a lot of male bonding, and also using the bathroom alone. That’ll be nice.

The week went fast. Jackie came over a couple of times, Asher went to preschool and music class. Ramona stopped by. Friday I took him to soccer then Tim came for dinner and Asher talked his ear off and taught him all about his favorite app.

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On Saturday Asher and I headed over to the yearly ‘touch-a-truck‘ fundraiser at a local elementary school. I asked if he wanted to go inside a fire truck and that seemed to pique his interest, then I explained where we were going and he was pretty excited. He dubbed it the Truck Factory.

They closed down the block of the school and parked the trucks out front. This is what we were in store for:

  • FDNY fire truck
  • Ambulance
  • NYPD police car
  • Dump truck
  • DSNY Garbage truck
  • Tow Truck
  • School bus
  • Bucket trucks/cherry pickers
  • Sean Casey Animal Adoption Van
  • Concrete mixer
  • Green-Wood Cemetery Trolley

As you can tell by his extremely smiley face in every picture it was…very exciting stuff. We ran into Gabriel and got a cookie in the shape of a truck. The lines to “drive” the trucks were crazy so it probably would have been smarter to bring another grown up. Asher was not interested in waiting in any lines. Not even for frites and meats!

He had a crazy good time just hanging out at the back of the firetruck though. I had to pull him out of there.

On our way out there was a bonus fire truck parked at the entrance with a bunch of yawny firemen just waiting around. There was no line so Asher went into the truck to talk to the firemen and check it out. Just as I plopped him on the front of the truck for the best photo op ever the guy we were talking to said “We gotta run” and threw his jacket on and 30 seconds later they were pulling away.

We got out of there and had a quiet evening watching tv and playing with cars. Is there anything cuter than an almost 3 year old hanging out in a helmet?


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