22 weeks…again

November 19th, 2012

It is high time to talk about this pregnancy! I’m not trying to keep anything secret but the viagra made in india truth is that it isn’t nearly as exiting/thrilling/etc as last time and I’m not finding much to write home about. My mother even commented on my utter lack of complaints. I mean she doesn’t live with me or anything so I don’t know if Matthew would say the same thing but it’s just not such a big deal in the scheme of things these days. Not to say we aren’t EXCITED/THRILLED/ETC about having a baby but the pregnancy is just not something I think about much. I have to actually make an effort to remind myself that I am pregnant most of the time. I often think about the fact that I’m having a baby and how it will relate to our life but until about a week ago I had days where I forgot I was pregnant until I saw my pre-natal pills on my nightstand, even this close to my 3rd trimester. Its funny how the memories of my thoughts and feelings during my last pregnancy are so vivid almost 4 years later. In an odd way it sort of highlights the differences between someone that doesn’t have little kids (ME! c2008) and someone that does because omg my brain is so cluttered with daily life stuffs that I FORGET I’M PREGNANT. Believe me, that doesn’t happen to people the 1st time. Check my archives of Jan-July 2009.

Things are going well and the pregnancy has been fairly uneventful but the effects of being pregnant with a 3yo around are kind of huge. I spent most of my first trimester working and traveling for work but since labor day I’ve picked Asher up every day at 230 so we have spent tons of time alone together running around town causing trouble. We usually go on playdates every damn day and as much as I love that he gets to hang out with friends it is basically 1000x more exhausting than work was. I can’t really lift him anymore and after spending so many years hefting his solid body mass around I’m so much achier this time. I don’t remember being achey until the end when I was pregnant with Asher but even at the beginning of this pregnancy my hips would hurt at the end of a long day. The last time I lifted Asher my back hurt for 2 straight days. Even though I didn’t get a single cold the 1st time I’m already on my 3rd or maybe 4th, who’s counting, its just been a long string of coughing and blowing my nose since September sometime. That’s not really much of a surprise being around multiple 3 year olds so much over the past 3 months but boy is it debilitating when you can’t take any kind of medication or pain relief. (I stand with previous statements that tylenol is a placebo unless you have a fever) I had zero of these little bumps the last time – its all so fresh and new!

One nice change is that I wasn’t as nauseous this time, way fewer days than with Asher but the days I was sick I was sicker. It was still better. At my last appt a few weeks ago I still hadn’t gained any weight which is awesome because I still have all the weight I got for Asher so why would I need much more for this baby? That’s basically my philosophy this time around – use what you got. I’m definitely trying not to get too much new stuff, excess weight included. Baby clothes EXCLUDED. I am accepting any and all girl clothes, toys, and really anything kind of girly to offset the tremendous amount of blue this little lady will be wearing. Speaking of clothes, this week I think I officially transitioned to maternity clothes which is a blessing and a curse. Its nice not to have my button hitting me right on the baby’s head every time I sit down but oh my, its hard to find a pair of pants that stay up. Ive been wearing regular (non-maternity) yoga pants around the house and I now understand why pregnant people just phone it in with the yoga pants. Seriously the pants issue is the biggest deal of my pregnancy right now. I can’t walk in maternity pants and I can’t sit in regular pants. I have to plan my pants according to my activities.

So its nice, not thinking about being pregnant every minute of every day. It just is. I can definitely enjoy that fact since last time I was super crazy reading books and blogs and all kinds of things. Now I’m just mostly concerned with organizing the kids crap so we can cram into Tiny Apartment since we have no plans to move. Once that’s done I’ll be able to concentrate a bit more on the fun stuff. In the meantime, every time poor Asher turns around something is gone. Matthew better watch out cause I’m coming for him next!

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  • 1. Grandpa P  |  November 27th, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    Happy you are feeling well. And another thing. No looking for a Mohel.

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