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January 31st, 2013

After a looooooong stint of intense work and travel plus more houseguests than you can imagine at Tiny Apartment I’ve found myself kind of free. I flew in from Orlando on Friday morning and by Saturday night I was done with work until after the baby.

This amazing news is somewhat clouded by the fact that all the things I have pushed off until I was done working have to happen…now.

Dentist appointments, haircuts, extra coop shifts and so much house stuff. We have a half painted wall in the living room and piles of outgrown toys in every corner. We have 2 recovered chairs out of 4. There are bins of office supplies sitting in my bedroom that I need to sort and donate and I don’t really want to get started on the baby stuff situation. Asher’s 8×10 room will have to house 2 but that’s a problem for another day.

Matthew worked 8am-10pm (ish) since I got home so I have been on major Asher duty. He was home sick when I got in on Friday¬† – my dad was here – and finally felt better on Monday but I’ve been picking him up at 2:30 all week so he can rest. Its pretty amazing how fast my life shifted from crazy 70hr a week working mom to at home mom. I went to costco on Tuesday. ALONE. I am going to relish these weeks before the baby. These weeks of productive working, food shopping, muffin making, lunch date having, errand running, tv watching, baby clothes sorting, walk taking, flower smelling time.

Asher is so happy to have me home from my trip and picking him up while its still sunny. Sometimes we even stop for a cookie because we can.

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