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July 14th, 2013

After a 6 month blog hiatus I tried to log in last night and could not remember the login OR passoword. That’s a sign its been too long. Far, far too long. I’m not really sure how time flew by so quickly but it did.

January was crazy – Matthew was away for 2 weeks and I flew to Orlando viagra mail order usa to do my last show before maternity leave. By the time I got back at the end of the month I started to feel hella pregnant. We took the bus to school a lot. We did a lot of “independent play”

February was cold. Jess came to visit and got stuck here due to a major snowstorm. We took Asher and Charlie sledding and they had a blast.

Matthew was away a bunch but I was able to spend every free second prepping Tiny Apartment for the new roommate.  I sorted bag after bag of hand me downs. I cleared out Asher’s cabinets and spent an entire week emptying and organizing the 2 closets we do have to maximize storage space. I tried to tie up loose ends and took care of things like dentist appointments for me and Asher, haircuts, and anything I could think of that I knew I’d rather not do with a newborn

Since I was due March 22 I wouldn’t let Matthew go away after the 1st week so he had to turn down a ton of work, which was unfortunate. He ended up with a few weeks off so we continued to do work around the apartment. I seriously labeled every item in the entire place. This is Asher’s arts and craft cabinet.

Matthew looked through his cable and electronics stash and weeded out what he didn’t need so we could drop this gigantic box at e-recycling. We were crazy busy but don’t worry, we did manage to go out for a few fancy lunches at our favorite places while Asher was at school.

My due date came and went, which was no real surprise since Asher was 14 days late…but I was REALLY feeling like that was a fluke.

It wasn’t.  We celebrated passover, easter and my birthday.

We did more crap around the house like finally get this gallery wall up in our dining area.

After 12 days with nothing exciting happening on the baby front the very patient but realistic midwife decided that there was no way she was coming out on her own and I’d need an induction.

We found out on Wednesday at 11am and by Thursday at 630am we had a new baby!

The next day we went home

and everything else that happened since then is a blur.

Just kidding! Its been a whirlwind but Ill pick this up tomorrow, with many, many more pictures of that cute baby.

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