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The wind was getting pretty bad on Sunday but we scootered over to our annual Halloween party with the kids from my moms group. The storm hadn’t started yet and we were already stir crazy so I was really happy to have somewhere to go.

So was Asher

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Lots of friends were there but he spent most of the time causing trouble with Eva. They spent 20 minutes at the food table then I found them squashed on this chair hoarding some spooky cookies

Guilty much?

Matthew bought the loneliest little pumpkin on Monday before the weather got too terrible and schlepped it up here from 7th avenue. One side was smushed and the other had some kind of moles on it. I dunno, it was not a pretty pumpkin.

He and Asher went to town making a jack-o-lantern.

Halloween was a little weird. Everything was so up in the air but Matthew had to go to work on 34th street. So he went and Asher and I hung at a friends for a while. When it was time to trick or treat he really didn’t want to but around 430 I insisted we take a scooter ride and threw his chef coat in my bad with his halloween bag. We hit the road with Charlie (fireman) and eventually they kinda got into it. I was schlepping his scooter and other stuff so the pictures are really crappy but its all i got!

We ran into Hayden from preschool and they walked 3 blocks holding hands until Hayden went one way and we went with Charlie to have pizza for dinner.

The neighborhood parade was cancelled obviously but there were tons of people on the streets. All in all it was very low key but nice.

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a family walk

Just about every night after dinner we venture out for a walk around the neighborhood. We never have a destination, we just sort of go where the mood takes us. Asher loves it and tonight as we were finishing up our meal he said “I have a good idea, lets go on a family walk!”

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So we did

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the amazins

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Mets fan.

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A few months ago friends of ours with older kids in little league asked if we wanted to go with them to the league’s Mets Night. Last Friday night we packed up the car, picked up Ramona and zoomed to Citi Field.

The seats were in the nosebleed section but it was fine. Usually I’m a bit of a ticket snob (years of free broadway house seats will do that to you) but these were cheap and I really didn’t care much about the game.

We found our seats and realized that we were severely under dressed. Asher not so much, he had a tshirt and sweatshirt and the extra shirt I brought for him was a long sleeved t. I was freezing.

We got our dogs and fries and hung out with our friends. We cheered when the Mets did well and hoped and hoped for a home run so we could see the apple pop up.

We had a perfect view of the 7 train and every time we saw it go by Asher cheered just as loud as he did for the Mets.

“Let’s go 7 train! Let’s go 7 train!”

Around the 6th or 7th inning it started to rain on top of the biting wind so we left. It was almost 9pm and although Asher probably could have lasted he was really tired.

In the car on the way home my dad texted me saying

“If you still have your ticket stubs, keep them because the pitcher is throwing a no-hitter…mets have never had a no-hitter.”

Seriously, we just left! We got home in time to see the last few outs, and it was so exciting! I can’t believe we were there and LEFT. Truly.

Since then Asher has asked to play baseball a number of times and he is an excellent pitcher. We’ve been going over the rules and he is starting to get it. While he’s pitching he likes to say “I’m Johan Montana!” He really likes to watch this video where Santana gets smacked in the face with whipped cream over and over again. He also likes to watch David Wright get home runs.

Over the weekend we saw people playing baseball in the park and he said

“Those are NOT my Mets”


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bon weekend

We finally got around to having a lazy weekend after many weekends of plans and work.

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Saturday we hung around listening to music and doing art projects in the morning, had a pizza party for lunch, did laundry, picked up some groceries and stopped by lowes to see forklifts, played soccer and practiced drawing letters in the backyard, ate BBQ chicken for dinner and watermelon for dessert. I fell asleep at 930.

Sunday we went to Tom’s for pancakes then spent the morning at Underhill playground (Asher calls it UnderWEARhill Playground), cleaned up, hung on the stoop for a while, had Uncle Danny over for dinner and did more laundry.

Looking forward to the week ahead – one of my last before work really picks up.

(frowny face)


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spring has sprung

Asher and I have been busy, too busy to sit at a computer all day apparently. I have been trying to get my photos organized for posts during my evenings but hanging out with an almost 3 year old is exhausting. All that talking and explaining and T-A-L-K-I-N-G fries my brain. Have I mentioned all the talking?

Plus I’ve been multi-tasking in other areas. I can fold laundry while I watch The Vampire Diaries.

Last week Asher had his spring break from school so Tuesday morning we took advantage of the free admission to the brooklyn botanic garden.  Ramona joined us and we had tons of fun exploring. Its really an amazing place. We are SO lucky to live in walking distance.

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a super day

Being at home with a 2 year old is kind of non-stop. Most days feel like a mix of errands, chores and child wrangling but yesterday I decided to take it easy and we had a great day.  I dropped Asher at school then met Eva’s mom Sarah for coffee while the kids were at their respective pre-schools. She’s also got an 8 week old so he joined us but napped in his stroller the entire time so we could chat. It was very pleasant. Super, if you will.

Eva gets out a bit earlier than Asher so after we said goodbye I stopped by the coop for a few things then popped into a local kids shop to check out the sale rack. I ran into one of the moms from music class, also sans child, and we chatted for a while then I walked over to school to pick up Asher at noon. Its about a mile but it was gorgeous out.

We walked home, he ate a huge lunch of lentils and bulgur (or Moujadara if you fancy) while we talked about what he wants on his “birthday list” which is a post for a whole other day. It was very specific and includes brand names and color preferences. Reminder: his birthday is FOUR months away. Super. <——–Sarcastic eyeroll.

He napped at 1 with no issue (usually an issue) and I had to go in and wake him at 4 which is just too crazy for words. Monday he napped 90 minutes. 3 hours is like…a SUPER nap.

The cleaner came so the house is neat and I had a productive time while he was out. I blogged, made a massage appointment for my birthday, ate lunch AND had a work call about a few things that have to be done. I’ll be getting a little cashola this month after all. Super, right! I’m telling you.

Since it was soooo nice out I changed him into shorts and threw on a tshirt. A TSHIRT before my birthday. Unheard of. We walked to the subway without a stroller (effin A!) and went to dumbo to meet Matthew because he was done with work (!!!!!!!!!SUPER!!!!!!!!!) and checked out Jane’s Carousel.

The carousel was empty. We rode twice and there were tons of empty seats. We threw rocks into the river and ran around on the grass and had an awesome time. We stayed later than we thought so we decided to go out to dinner. Asher requested pizza. We went to Amorina and its so good we all left feeling happy. Super happy!



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the be mine project

Asher is really into Valentine’s Day this year. I blame school and also this blues clues Valentine’s Day book we received in a huge box of secondhand books when he was born.

In the book (which is awful by the way) Blue makes cookies for her friends to show them how much she loves them so guess what Asher wanted to do for his friends?

I wasn’t gonna get into all that but Matthew was up for it. With Asher’s love of cooking we thought it would be fun to bake cookies for his class- since Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Tuesday/school day. Not knowing if we’d really feel like doing it in the end, last week I made one of his art projects Valentines because I am a genius always in need of a back up plan.

We had these blank cards so I cut them in half and then cut random heart shapes out of index cards while he was playing with his trains. I stuck tape to the back then Asher stuck all the hearts onto the cards himself.

I laid out red, white and pink paints and he went to town with his little valentine making factory.

He painted every inch of every card and I did that thing where you peel away the heart and it leaves a blank heart underneath. I love how every one came out differently because of all his random paint mixing.

They were really cute! I popped each cookie into a bag and tied the card onto it.

The best part was the fun we had making them and no, I’m not even kidding. I got to do the part I like and Matthew did the part he likes. Asher got to do it all AND give them out. It was a pretty fun way to introduce a fun little holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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fall again

Asher and I got into a bit of a routine in October and every day when Jackie left around 5 we would play outside on the stoop for a while. It started because he likes to watch her ride away on her bike but then he realized we could hang out and say hi to people, wave to dogs and count the airplanes. I liked it because 5-6 is TV time and if he wants to play outside instead that is fine by me. Then all of a sudden the leaves started to fall so we got out his little broom to sweep up the leaves which turned into flopping into the leaves which turned into throwing the leaves.

He loved it.

The weather got cold, then colder but today it was warm again. I think a high of 70. I had the morning off so we spent a few hours in the backyard sweeping leaves into bags for the winter and counting the worms, broom at the ready. Its probably the last of the days we can hang outside without a jacket. So sad!

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just keep spinning

A big after dinner activity is spinning in the Living Room. Matthew already told Asher that if he pukes he gets to clean it up.

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a day out with asher

A while back I heard that somewhere in PA you can ride on Thomas the train and after some investigation I realized its a tour and they swing into our area 2-3 times a year. Last week we decided to look into tickets for this past weekend and that was that.

We told Asher that Thomas was coming from Sodor and he was going to be in this place called Pennsylvania so Friday after art class we were going to go there. We kept it pretty casual and besides finding a hotel with a pool we didn’t make too many plans.

Friday afternoon Asher and Matthew took a dip then we met my old work friend Jamie and her family for dinner. We probably haven’t seen each other in 8 years but we’ve kept in touch via the internets so when we decided to go I emailed and we made plans for our (semi) blind date. They live in the area and have a 2 year old who digs trains so we got to hang with them on Saturday too.

I like Jamie because it was barely 10am when I busted her eating cheese fries and she just laughed. That’s my kind of peeps.

As you can see its a very glamorous place.

They tell you to get there an hour before your train ride and we were like whatever but then we had to park a mile away and walk over through mud so yeah, get there a little early. The good part is that we didn’t have to wait on line. The bad part is that Asher was Very Rushed and Asher does not like to be Very Rushed so he was a grump for the first hour. Also, Matthew had to run while holding his coffee. (sad trombone)

He warmed up a bit on the ride. Since we were “not early” he didn’t really know we were riding on Thomas until we got off and walked to the front.

As you can tell by our 17 different views of Thomas we basically spent the entire time watching the trains pull in and out of the station (vu den?) The Thomas train ran every 30 minutes but they also had what Asher refers to as “Big Black Steam Engine” for obvious reasons.

Luckily Big Black Steam Engine was fairly exciting in its own right, what with a coal tender and all. There was a bunch of other stuff to do, both Thomas related and not. We poked into the music tent, the storytime tent, the train table tent and our favorite part – this ride on a small train I referred to as the Hayride Train. because that’s basically what it looked like.

They also had teeny tiny donuts. Too bad the kids didn’t like them.

The Strasburg Railroad is actually a really cool place we didn’t get to see all that much of. They also have a railway museum and there’s tons of stuff around there for kids. We saw cows, horses and goats from the car and Asher was almost as excited about that as he was the trains. I think we’ll head back when the weather is nicer and do some more exploring. We didn’t even get to pick up any jam!

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