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hanging with rory

This is…a lot of my day.


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saturday in the park with eva
















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seven months of rory

Rory turned 7 months old today.  It has been a loooooong time but I think I am remembering what its like to be a person that is not pregnant or mothering a newborn.

This is good news for Novemblaaaagh because I have so many cute pictures of Rory! and Asher is loving pre-k! and so many other things!

Rory is the sweetest gal in all the land. She has an awesome life and so many things to be happy about so she is just HAPPY all the time.


Rory loves her dad


loooooooooves her dad!


Rory loves her mom!


Rory loves her kitty


Rory really loves hair, especially Matthews


Rory loves sitting up and hates laying down


Rory loves food. Everything she’s tried so far…squash, pear, apple, broccoli, chicken, carrots, green beans, sweet potato, but especially bananas

Rory really loves to feed herself



Rory loves her brother





She also really loves hanging out on Asher’s bed when I put away laundry.


Or sometimes in her crib

Basically, Rory just loves to chill

rory7mos7     rory7mos2 rory7mos1

So happy!

Love you Rory, I’m so happy we make you so happy.

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a paleontologist and a dinosaur


As Asher will tell you, he is very “instrasted” in dinosaurs these days. He knows the name and characteristics of about 25 dinosaurs and he especially loves fossils. When I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween he said a chef, and since we already had the chefs jacket I was pretty much ok with that. Then he started talking to me about dinosaurs again and I said maybe you should be something that has to do with dinosaurs?

He said “I know! I’ll be a paleontologist!”

At first he was going to be Dino Dan but before I bought a yellow sweatshirt he changed his mind to “just a regular paleontologist” so I bought him this vest and tools and a cheapo safari hat and done, done, done. They are part of some outdoor adventure dress up clothes situation and he is obsessed with clipping and unclipping all the tools onto the vest and putting his fakey t-rex tooth (daddy’s work trip surprise) and fakey ammonite fossil (daddy’s next work trip surprise) into the pockets.


I knew Rory would be in the carrier or the stroller so I didn’t want to make a fuss. I found a secondhand dinosaur or maybe dragon costume – which is really just a fleece – and here she is, nailing it.


That was pretty much it. Got home from school, ate a quesadilla and we left. Off to Ben’s house because Ben lives on a Halloween block. When we got there some friends were already there so we trick or treated with them, then more friends came and we trick or treated again.





I have to say both sides of an entire city block is just about the perfect amount of trick or treating for a little kid. Most people on the block were dressed up and hanging out in front of their houses and since Ben and our old friend Caroline live there it was nice to see people we knew and all of their neighbors.



We walked around for about an hour then I had to head home with Rory right around the time the parade was about to begin. Everyone was kind of doing their own thing so Asher and Matthew decided to go up to Rainer’s house (approx a 15 block walk) because the parade passes right by and he wanted to watch it with her.


Last year the parade was cancelled because of the hurricane so it was amazing to have it back.




The pics don’t do it justice, its a great parade!

The nice part is its only about an hour long so it’s over by 7:30 and after a hamburger and a bath Asher was in bed by 8:30, not too shabby. I was a little worried that people would ring the bell and wake the kids so Asher drew a jack-o-lantern and Matthew put this on the door.


(shhh, we never actually bought any candy)

My favorite part of the day was probably explaining to Asher what each candy was before he ate it since besides m&ms, raisinettes and maybe the odd reese’s he’s never really had candy before. I told him he could eat as much as he wanted and he was so busy he only ate 4 little things so he’s been enjoying a piece every day. Today he had his first twizzler. He’s cute. I’m pretty sure he forgot about it which is nice because his haul is much better this year.

My other favorite part of the day was passing these folks on their stoop on the way to the parade. They were wearing really weird, spooky exaggerated human like masks just chit chatting away. Asher and Rosie went up to trick or treat and Asher backed away slowly with his candy but Rosie asked what they were supposed to be and they said “We’re just regular people.”  I started laughing and Rosie GRILLED them and made them take off their masks to see.


Love that kid.


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Do I dare try?


Rory is skeptical.

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brooklyn museum with charlie

We were so lucky that Matthew only had to work a few days during Christmas break. After being stuck in the house for so long I was eager to get Asher out for some fun so I arranged a playdate with Charlie on a day Matthew wasn’t around. We threw around a few ideas then settled on walking to the Brooklyn Museum.

The walk alone is part of the fun and the 2 boys scooted the whole way there, stopping for a break at the “snack house” which is what Asher calls the gazebo at the top of the park, a place he frequented with Jackie. Asher has been to tons of museums all over the country but they are usually kid centric, this was his first time at an actual art museum and I really didn’t know what to expect.


We explained the rules when we got there and all the “no touching, no running, no shouting” we repeated was completely worth it. We did the usual thing we do on these kinds of adventures. See some sights, have some snacks, see more sights. They wanted to go to every floor and asked tons of questions.

If I saw something I thought he’d like I would just stop and say something like “hey Asher, what do you see in the picture” or even “How many boats are in the painting” and it made him stop for a second and actually look at it.

The museum is very cool and has a mix of long standing exhibits and some touring pieces.

They really wanted to touch these hands! Every time we went to a new exhibit we would remind them of the rules and AHHH they were just so well behaved for a couple of 3 year old boys. Please don’t underestimate your kids!

Plus the dancing. The dancing!


African Dancing from bhkart on Vimeo.

a very old table from bhkart on Vimeo.

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ashers list 2012 (or gift guide for a 3.5yo boy)

Nothing immediately came to mind when I tried to think of what to get Asher for the holidays this year so I’ve had to do a bit of research. What I’m working with is a guy who already has and loves his scooter and bike, plays for hours a week with trains, trains and more trains and really likes to build things. He also loves any type of arts and crafts project, and I like ones that he can do alone as well as ones we can do together. He really likes doing these simple work books I found but they are either dry erase or cheap so I don’t worry too much about stocking up.

I already picked up some arts and crafts stuff for hannukah, new bath toys, a building plate for his duplo, pengaloo (thanks hel!), spoon to go with chopsticks (one of his favorite books), and this a-z matching /writing game. My mom will be here a few days that week so we can give some of their gifts to round it out.

We don’t buy him much for Christmas because after those 8 crazy nights + gifts from family I think its really enough. Yes many from us are practical – replenishing art supplies, bath toys and books – and spread out over a week so even though its one sad box of crayons that would get looked over on Christmas its pretty exciting when its the only gift on the table :) I’m gonna be stretching this out for years. Feel free to call me out when you see a pic of him opening a new toothbrush on night #4 but for now its working. I picked up some astronaut ice cream, kids cooking utensils and a few odds and ends for his stocking. Since we only use it every 2 years (so…once EVER) I have no idea how big it is and how much I need to cram in there. We are still finalizing ideas here after bedtime and I need to run them past Matthew so I decided to get it all in one place and figured I’d share it for anyone that needs it, or needs a gift for any ol 3 year old. This took some work people!

Allison told me about Leapfrog Tag. It jumped to the top of Asher’s list, Of the many add-ons I think he would like the Solar System Pack and Map

Kids Camera – My dad actually thought of this as a gift from them and I thought it was brilliant. When he brought it up to me I asked him to find a camera that takes decent photos that can grow with him over the next couple of years vs a “toy” camera and this is what he came back with. Asher is going to be pretty excited and I look forward to teaching him about taking care of it properly and looking at his photos together.


Magnatiles – Asher has played with these in school for the past 2 years and I think he’d love them but we haven’t picked them up yet since they are kinda pricey. Definitely a great gift for any 2+ year old.

Dress up clothes – Chef Asher was a raging success so I thought it might be nice to have a few other professions to round out the collection.The doctor would be something he’d like or this huge set of fire chief, construction worker and train engineer because they come with tons of props. He is very into props.

Magnetic Dress-up  – He plays with these at Eva’s house and he likes ipad and computer games where you change people’s clothes. Seems like it would be fun to have at home. The fireman one would be cute but he’d also like one with regular clothes.

Automoblox – He has a bunch of these and loves them. They are cars made out of blocks, he takes them apart and puts them back together. Makes gigantic long cars or super tiny cars. I’ll probably pick one up for his stocking but he can never get enough.

Color frames – more blocks, this is an interlocking wood set that will last forever


Art stuff  (subscription) – Asher likes crafts but I hate thinking up things for him to do. These kits are great but I’d really love a subscription to a monthly craft box service like BabbaBox or Kiwi Crate for him. Kiwi has the cutest holiday boxes, I might just go ahead and order both the Christmas and Hannukah ones for him to work on this month.

Moon sand – Asher still plays with his trucks and gravel but it is really so messy. This might be a good replacement. Still messy but at least moon sand doesn’t roll.

Stomp Rockets – Cheaply bought, cheaply made and lots and lots of fun

I Spy Preschool Game or other I Spy things. He loves them but we don’t have any.

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my friend named charlie

One fun side effect from school is Asher’s new found friendship with Charlie who lives across the street. I met Charlie’s mom Sarah when they were babies but Charlie is a few months younger and we never really ended up hanging out. Charlie has been in day care canadian non prescription viagra for the past couple of years so we really never saw them very much during the day. They were stop in the street when we bumped into each other kind of friends but not really anything more than that.

At the meet and greet last spring we were like “hey cool, they are in the same class” and since Sarah is on maternity leave for her 2nd kid right now we’ve been walking home from school together every day.

And sometimes to school, and usually to the playground, and occasionally to Charlie’s house and once in a while our house. Asher asks to see Charlie pretty much every day. “Where is Charlie?” “What is Charlie doing?” just constantly. “I want to go to Charlie’s house” I mean you have no idea.

Their teachers have mentioned how well they get along in school and whenever I ask Asher who he played with in the yard he ALWAYS says Charlie. Asher told me he calls him “Charlie Brown” because he has brown hair.

And its so cute when we walk into class and Charlie shouts “ASHER!!” because he is pretty excited to see his friend too.

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patti's class

Asher started full time school in September and it has been great. He transitioned surprisingly well from 2 school mornings to 3 camp mornings to 3 weeks at home then right into 5 full buy online viagra where days of 830-245.

(Asher’s is the red/white checkered on the left)

They do all the adorable things he did last year like a music teacher once a week and creative movement instead of yoga. A Spanish teacher comes in on Friday mornings to do immersion and on Tuesdays they cook lunch for themselves. Since the campus is divided into 7-8 different buildings they walk to the school’s “big yard” every day which is 6 blocks away and sometimes I accidentally run into them and have to hide. They have a walking trip in the neighborhood once a week to places like the puppet theater, library and fire house.

This month they are talking about gratitude and having a “sharing feast” the Wednesday before thanksgiving. We are bringing broccoli because Matthew is away the whole week and its about all I can handle.

From Patti:

“During November, the children will be learning about friends, family, and being thankful.  We will continue the theme of gratitude when we round out the end of the month learning about the helpers in our community!”

So cute!

We walk there and back but Asher usually scoots. Its just over half a mile and can take between 15-45 minutes depending on just how many roses he stops to smell.

Rain or shine!

All in all its been great and I can’t believe 2 months have passed already. Its so weird not having him around during the day but he has only had about 1 full week of school so far. Soon my work will pick up and he’ll start staying until 5 every day. We’ve booked him afterschool starting in November so he’s tried it out a few times and loves it. Of course he does.


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a walk to the zoo

Asher was off today for Veterans day so we hooked up with some friends for a walk to the zoo. It was a ridiculous 60 degrees outside so the walk there was a good one.

For the 2 people that might not know, our zoo is inside the park that’s across the street from our house. Its a good 30 minute walk through the park with kids in strollers and longer when they like to walk. I think it took 1hr15min (with stops to explore) to get there and 50 minutes to walk/scoot home. Its a hike but on a nice day its kind of awesome to be able to walk to a zoo. We have a membership and I figured its probably the last time we can use it for a while.

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The effects of Sandy are all over the park. 400 trees were damaged and many are still there with caution tape around them. We saw tons of bags of leaves – still green – but the park is mostly functioning again which makes us very happy.

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