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the smoozie experiment

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Trying to keep this guy busy while Tiny Kitchen is spread out all over Tiny Living Room this weekend has been a challenge. He’s been great overall but we’ve been taking a lot of breaks so we all keep our sanity.

We were hanging on the couch yesterday when he peered into a box and discovered some rocket ship popsicle molds we have never used so we conducted an experiment. What would happen if we filled them with “smoothie” (strawberry kefir) and stuck them in the freezer???

smoozie pops from bhkart on Vimeo.

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trumpet lessons

Adam and Christine got Asher a toy trumpet for his birthday. Chris had asked me what he would like so I mentioned that we see this trumpet in the window of the toy store and Asher always has to stop and look at it so she ran with it. Good choice too, because it is one of his favorite gifts and he still plays with it all the time. All the tiiiiiiime!

The cool thing is Christine’s parents are music teachers and her dad plays the trumpet so when he arrived at their place when we were over last month she got him to take it out* and show the kids before he unpacked his luggage. Asher’s facial expressions are phenomenal.

*shes gonna say that he actually brought coronet but come on, I wasn’t getting into that with Asher but I thought I’d go for transparency on the blog today

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snowy day

If you didnt hear, we are having yet another storm today. They are calling it a nor’easter which just seems like a pretty bad snowstorm. Its really windy and bitter cold. Not so much the kind you want to frolic and play in, but when I went to pick Asher up around 430 he wanted to frolic and play.

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It took us forever to get home. I actually brought the stroller (we’ve used it maybe 3x since the summer) so I could throw the rain cover on it and about halfway home I finally convinced him to get in. We were soaked and freezing but for some reason ittle kids don’t care.

First snow day and we are already down a mitten. So sad.

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about that jack-o-lantern

IMG 5092 from bhkart on Vimeo.

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friday night treats

This summer we realized that we were eating way too many ice cream cones when Asher started asking for one every night after dinner. Matthew dreamed up Ice Cream Friday and we implemented it just as school started. It works like a dream. Every day after dinner he asks for a treat, never fails and I say he can have a piece of fruit, never fails and remind him that we will have ice cream on Friday and we actually follow through with it so he jumps for joy. I highly recommend this method because it cut down on soooo much nagging and Asher is an incessant nagger. He is really, really good at it and just beats every point to the ground until someone screams. Usually me. Then he screams back and asks again. So I really try to keep these conversations short whenever possible.

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Now I’m not a complete sugar tyrant – sometimes I let him have a cookie if we baked some or even a graham cracker (!) Not to say that I don’t let him have sweets, just yesterday we stopped at the bakery on the way home from school just because it was the 1st day back after the hurricane and I felt we needed a little celebrating. I just hate for him to eat sugar right before bed because it makes him insane. I’d much rather him eat something at 9am. I have even been letting him have his halloween candy this year, 1 piece per day which I feel is completely appropriate for a 3 year old maniac. Today he picked a single sad rolo because he doesn’t know any better and I got the fun size snickers. Suckah. Probably my last year for that, too bad.

Today was also Friday but it was freezing so I made us hot chocolate. If anyone knows Asher well they know his love for hot milk is followed closely by his love for chocolate. He was beside himself. I feel like Ice Cream Friday is quickly becoming Hot Cocoa Friday and I can get behind that 100%.

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ice cream

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baseball games



birthday parties

family walks

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bike rides

Asher has been having a great summer. These pix are from his camp birthday circle last month. We made ice cream cone cupcakes to keep with the theme and he got to choose his favorite story to read to his class. They all decorated crowns before we go there and were really eager to see the baby photos we brought. After their treat he got to choose a song to lead a dance party. It was all very cute and very fun. I don’t think I have ever seen him so excited about anything his entire life.

While he’s been doing every fun summer activity imaginable I’ve been deep in work since we got home from Vancouver. I spent 13 days in Atlanta and I’m heading to San Francisco next Friday for a week then right back out to Philly. Matthew and Jackie have been taking excellent care of Asher but it’ll be nice to see him again on Sept 7…My last day of work for a while and his first day of school. I already told him that I’d be picking him up every day so we can do so many fun things together. We are both looking forward to it for sure.

Silly me took 2 part-time projects that turned into 2 almost-full-time projects and the amount of work has been a bit surreal. On top of that our beloved Jackie is leaving us this week, she starts grad school the week after labor day and is going on vacation beforehand so I’ve been training an interim nanny to cover the days before school starts. On top of THAT Asher has been incredibly sick with constant ear infections for months and is finally scheduled for surgery this Friday to insert tubes in his ears. He has had the max amount of fluid in his ears since February and has had approximately 6 rounds of antibiotics. Its time. I don’t want to hear anymore about his eardrum bulging. Its just sounds so uncomfortable and sad when I really think about what he must be going through. When we saw the ENT last month they did a hearing test and confirmed what we had suspected, he cannot hear out of his left ear. They put it on all his medical forms for school too, partial hearing loss. I mean…its pretty much as bad as it can get.

So 3 more weeks and our lives will be drastically changed…no work trips for the rest of the year, a visit to my parents and my brothers wedding all in one, full time preschool and possibly even a child that can hear!

Fall is the new summer everybody!

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we all scream for asher

We had Asher’s 3rd birthday party this weekend. It was BY FAR the best party he has had, and pretty much one of best parties we’ve ever been to.

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Ample Hills is an amazing ice cream shop nearby. Its not just us that thinks so…its rated #1 in ZAGAT.

The place is awesome, its the only ice cream shop around that does things completely from scratch and there is a window inside where you can watch them work.

They opened about a year ago and suffice to say…we fully support their business. When we went in last winter (yup) and realized they do kids birthday parties I was sold.

The party was even better than I had imagined.

You get to choose your party flavor (we chose cookies and cream) and once people are settled the owner Brian teaches everyone how to make ice cream by hand.

Well sort of.

We made ice cream on a bike.

and we made ice cream…

and we made ice cream…

and we made ice cream…

All the kids took turns and then the adults took turns because it takes 20 minutes of pedaling to make ice cream and we foolishly brought a bunch of 3 year olds instead of a bunch of 8 year olds.

While Adam pedaled all the way to New Jersey the kids decorated placemats.

They played chef in the kids play area in the back of the store

They made up games involving trains, ate bagels and fruit and frequently checked out the status of our ice cream.

Then all of a sudden Brian said it was done.

He threw the cookies in, whipped up a bunch of waffles and set up a sundae bar. We stuck a candle into Asher’s bowl and sang Happy Birthday and then we all ate lots, and lots, and lots of fresh homemade ice cream that we churned on a bike. With waffles.

They were the nicest people ever and everyone had a blast. The kids kept their personalized placemats and we even got some leftover ice cream to take home. I can only hope that Asher wants to have an ice cream party again next year. I could really go for some chocolate.

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all about matthew

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Thanks Allison, for the great idea!

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first school photo

This was taken about a month ago. Its his first official school photo and I love it. Of course they don’t offer you a digital copy because they want to charge $15 for a 5×7. We finally got it scanned and ordered 24 prints for $11 incl shipping online. Still taking orders for friends and family members :)

I love that they take it outside although I kind of wish I got to choose a cheesy background.

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Maybe in Kindergarten. A gal can dream.

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