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the new first family


This is our new mayor, Bill de Blasio. He lives 3 blocks away and has 2 kids and is the 1st democratic mayor in over 20 years. I’m excited. I know a lot of people dislike Mayor Mike but I think they forget that even though he has a reputation as an overbearing nanny he is also pro same sex marriage and pro choice because he doesn’t think its the governments business. This year was the 10th anniversary of the smoking ban, probably the most amazing thing to happen to New Yorkers in a really long time.

Bill de Blasio isn’t perfect and i’m sure a lot of what he promised is easier said than done but at least he attempted to speak Spanish at his victory speech. I am seriously going to miss el bloombito.

Now if only someone would do something about funding universal pre-k by 2017 they’ll have me for life.

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subway rules

no running

stand by the pole

hold hands

don’t sit on the floor

listen for the rumble

look for the lights

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the truck factory

Asher and I have been spending A-L-O-T of quality time together lately. Matthew’s been working like crazy, we haven’t seen him in 8 days. He finally has off tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I’m anticipating a lot of male bonding, and also using the bathroom alone. That’ll be nice.

The week went fast. Jackie came over a couple of times, Asher went to preschool and music class. Ramona stopped by. Friday I took him to soccer then Tim came for dinner and Asher talked his ear off and taught him all about his favorite app.

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On Saturday Asher and I headed over to the yearly ‘touch-a-truck‘ fundraiser at a local elementary school. I asked if he wanted to go inside a fire truck and that seemed to pique his interest, then I explained where we were going and he was pretty excited. He dubbed it the Truck Factory.

They closed down the block of the school and parked the trucks out front. This is what we were in store for:

  • FDNY fire truck
  • Ambulance
  • NYPD police car
  • Dump truck
  • DSNY Garbage truck
  • Tow Truck
  • School bus
  • Bucket trucks/cherry pickers
  • Sean Casey Animal Adoption Van
  • Concrete mixer
  • Green-Wood Cemetery Trolley

As you can tell by his extremely smiley face in every picture it was…very exciting stuff. We ran into Gabriel and got a cookie in the shape of a truck. The lines to “drive” the trucks were crazy so it probably would have been smarter to bring another grown up. Asher was not interested in waiting in any lines. Not even for frites and meats!

He had a crazy good time just hanging out at the back of the firetruck though. I had to pull him out of there.

On our way out there was a bonus fire truck parked at the entrance with a bunch of yawny firemen just waiting around. There was no line so Asher went into the truck to talk to the firemen and check it out. Just as I plopped him on the front of the truck for the best photo op ever the guy we were talking to said “We gotta run” and threw his jacket on and 30 seconds later they were pulling away.

We got out of there and had a quiet evening watching tv and playing with cars. Is there anything cuter than an almost 3 year old hanging out in a helmet?


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dinos with ollie

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We hit the Museum of Natural History last week and met up with Allison, Olive and Matilda. Not sure what Asher was more psyched about – seeing “my friend named Olive but sometimes I call her Ollie” or actually checking out the dino bones.

We took the subway, there’s an entrance to the museum inside the subway station and we got there at 10, right as the museum opens. Easy peasy.

As we were paying for our tickets Asher said to the security guard standing nearby “I never seen a dinosaur before!”

We found our friends up on the dinosaur floor and pretty much just walked around up there the entire time. It was crowded due to spring break but the kids had a ton of fun. Allison and I joked that we could have just met outside at a park bench (FOR FREE) and they would be happy but really, it was great. If you are going to visit a big gigantic museum full of cool things to see I HIGHLY recommend doing it with one of your best buddies.

On our way out we stumbled into the planetarium (they are attached and there is no sign) and when Asher looked up and saw planets he almost lost his shit. Of course we were On. Our. Way. Out. so we’ll have to go back. He was in awe. Not super pleased to leave but we were all so hungry.

We grabbed lunch to go across the street at shake shack and then really did sit on a park bench and hung out for a while near the time capsule. Very fun day with our very fun friends!

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spring has sprung

Asher and I have been busy, too busy to sit at a computer all day apparently. I have been trying to get my photos organized for posts during my evenings but hanging out with an almost 3 year old is exhausting. All that talking and explaining and T-A-L-K-I-N-G fries my brain. Have I mentioned all the talking?

Plus I’ve been multi-tasking in other areas. I can fold laundry while I watch The Vampire Diaries.

Last week Asher had his spring break from school so Tuesday morning we took advantage of the free admission to the brooklyn botanic garden.  Ramona joined us and we had tons of fun exploring. Its really an amazing place. We are SO lucky to live in walking distance.

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first ferry ride

Yesterday was election day so there was no pre-school. Pre-school runs on Public School schedule and Public Schools are closed here, are they closed everywhere? I have no idea about life outside of NYC.

Jackie came in the morning instead of the afternoon and they headed out to the playground shortly after 9. It was a beautiful day, near 70 and sunny.

They came back around 12:15 and Asher was really excited to tell me they “went on the F train and on the R train” and with a little prompting he told me they saw a building with letters. Ok. So I said “What was in the building with letters? Do you know?” and he said “I don’t know, Mommy!” and Jackie had to remind him about the boats.

I still had no idea what they were talking about. We have lots of boats around here. They take the subway to see boats at Brooklyn Bridge Park sometimes and 2 weeks ago they went to Battery Park.

Well it turns out that this was the building with letters:

Staten Island Ferry! Exciting Stuff! Asher told me the boat was flying really fast. He also told me that it was really windy and he had to hold his hat. He saw boats and different boats and a statue with a green crown. And there was a farmer’s market with donuts.


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Just days after the neighborhood Halloween parade we have another awesome parade marching through the streets of Park Slope. The New York City Marathon. Mile 10 is 4 blocks from our apartment.

Last year it was freezing and the year before our plans didn’t mesh with Asher’s nap schedule so we were pretty excited to finally be able to go this year.

We got there at 9:30, in time to see some of the wheeled racers and we walked right across the route which I thought was totally awesome.

Eventually we saw the first men, then the first women, then waited waited waited for the non-professionals.

The huge pack of runners finally came and it was magic. I can’t explain it. They were running inches from us and the energy was phenomenal.

We met up with our friends Chris and Ellen and their kids and we had a blast cheering people on. For those that don’t know, lots of people write their names on the front of their shirt for this exact purpose.

It was truly an amazing morning, even with the dreaded time change. We saw grandmothers and people with artificial limbs and tall people and short people. People running with their brothers, friends, breast cancer survivors, co-workers. You name it.

Very inspiring on so many levels. I kept tearing up thinking about how far they’d already come and how far they still had to go.

We even got to see my friend Kai! I didn’t know where we’d be so I didn’t tell him to look for us but I spotted him in the crowd of 45,000+ so go me. The chances seem slim but he was running right by us and we got to cheer him on. I was so excited because I was looking for him the whole time and I felt like I met my goal for the day too! (Not all of us have to reach for the stars ya know.)

Anyway. I highly recommend attending the marathon if you can. There is nothing like the positive energy of New Yorkers cheering on New Yorkers. Nothing.

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first time trick-or-treating

Since we had the Halloween party as sort of a rehearsal Asher was totally into the idea of more Halloween action. I washed his “lion costume” and put it back on him before we went out on Monday afternoon.

Matthew was working in the studio and was able to come home a little early. He and Asher were set on making a jack-o-lantern before we ventured out but after 5 minutes of watching Matthew, Asher decided to make his own face on his already-decorated-at-preschool pumpkin and completely lost interest in the real thing.

“I do my-sayelf”

Around here many people trick-or treat on the main strip of stores. They kind of go all out, some even had tents and tables out front! Some were giving out ACTUAL FOOD. It was totally insane though and not so great for a 2 year old. Think Times Square.

If you want to stick to a quieter place and do some regular old TOTing there are Halloween blocks, and not halloween blocks. We don’t live on a Halloween block so ventured down to one nearby, which happens to be where Caroline from preschool lives. On the way we passed by a bakery, the one we call the Cookie Store and Matthew showed Asher the trick-or-treating ropes. He was pretty shy most of the time because guess what, our usually outgoing lad doesn’t like to talk to strangers on the street. Small favors.

He did eventually warm up because ya know, candy. The funniest thing about it is that he has never ever had candy, and had probably never seen it before this weekend. He DOES know what a lolly is so every time someone came over with a big bowl he rooted around for one. I’m standing there shouting “Pick the orange one!” but no dice. We ended up with 2 measly reeses, 3 random fun size bars, a nasty NASTY hershey’s cookies and creme thing (WHY) and 19 lollipops that were promptly thrown away.

We gave him some chocolate at Caroline’s and the 2 of them sat on her steps quiet as can be lest their good luck turn at a moments notice.

After we finished up on Caroline’s street we were 3 short blocks and 1hr 15 minutes from the parade so we stopped for pizza and wine and warmth. Stubborn lion wouldn’t wear his jacket but don’t let that fool you, it was cold out there!

After dinner we made our way back up to our street to have a quick exit after the parade and it was totally nuts. Think Times Square on NYE.

It was our first time going and it was awesome! They have some big puppets and scary people on roller skates and I would have taken more pics but I was mostly hiding behind Matthew. There are some schools and organizations that march and cops and ambulances and someone built a ghost ship but other than that its just neighborhood people and kids that join the end of the parade. That King Kong is Julian from moms group/preschool who spotted Asher 2 seconds after this pic was taken and called out to us.

So fun! Everything was pretty much wrapped up by 7ish so we walked home candied, fed and entertained.

Asher got some quality time with the jack-o-lantern* and we called it a night. Success!

*No, seriously, he was hugging it and talking to it and made us put it in his room for the night. I think it looks like a Mr-Potato-o-lantern but that’s just me.

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on a whim pie

We love this pie shop down the street and when we saw they had special Thanksgiving pies we ordered one just for the hell of it. We aren’t having people over for Thanksgiving but we’ll have an entire Four & Twenty Blackbirds Brown Butter Pumpkin Pie. The Salted Caramel Apple and Salty Honey are also VERY delicious but we’ve had them already and ya know, pumpkin.

You can order one here for pickup Thanksgiving week. Last year they didn’t have pre-order and the line was out the door at 6am.

If you want to join us for dessert on the 24th we’ll be having coffee and pie around 7:30 at our place. RSVP. We may even order a 2nd pie…

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pop-up piano

For the past 2 summers New Yorkers have been supplied with pop-up pianos placed around the city. We are lucky enough to have one in our park! Sure, ours wasn’t decorated by Isaac Mizrahi but its cool none the less.

Jackie and Asher stumbled upon it yesterday and he was so excited to tell me about it. He has never seen a real piano before so she told him all about the different parts and then she played Happy Birthday for him, which is one of his favey faves.

When he got home he was so excited to tell me about the “pinano”

She even took some video.

pop up piano from bhkart on Vimeo.


You can find one here.

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